Award time again! (Nov '11)

Julie from Erivum Puliyum was kind enough to share so many awards with me. She is has been a great motivator ever since I know her in blogosphere. Thank you Julie.

Inspirational Blogger Award - (Nov '11)

Christy @ Mykitchen Flavors- BoN Appetit awarded me this Inspirational blogger award! I am so touched by this gesture. Thanks Christy. Check out her space, she has amazing collection of quick microwave recipes. And here are the question/answers that I had to ponder over... Gives you some insight into me. :o)
1.What makes you laugh, smile or giggle? - Watching my kids, a warm gesture and good joke.
2.What are your dreams for your future? – Plenty. Dreams about future are what’s this life is worth living for and making them into reality.
3.If you are going to a cruise, where would it be and why? – Probably Bahamas
4.How would you spend your vacation and with whom? – Right by the sandy white beaches with my family or friends! 
5.If given a life, what life would you choose ? Your life now or your past? ~ I have been given THIS life and I choose to LIVE present moments, not thinking about past nor worrying about tomorrow. :o)
6.Is there something that you wished before when you were young but you didn’t get it? – Wanted to be a doctor, but ended up being an engineer. No regrets though.
7.Have you been in a situation where you might have given up but you still choose to move on? - Plenty, but God has always chosen right path for me to move on.

Participation Certificate - (Nov '11)

I recived another participation certificate. This time from Amy @ Food Corner for sending my Bread Upma for Love your food - Don't waste it event. Check out the roundup here.

Participation Certificate - (Aug '11)

Since I have started in participating in all the great events out in the blog world, this is the first time I got a participation certificate. Thanks Jabeen. My entries was Corn & Mango Salad and Vegetarian Chili. It was a great roundup. Check it out here.


My First Award!

Recieved my FIRST award from Deeksha of Dee's Kitchen. Thank you so much for this sweet gesture. Now I would like to extend this to my fellow bloggers.:)
1. Radhika
2. Thanmayi
4. Priya


  1. great! nice to read your blog! visit when you get time!


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