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Hi there!! Welcome to my blog. This blog is a cookbook of my trials and triumphs in culinary art. I would like to share some of my adventures that I do in my kitchen, may it be trying something out of blue and surprising myself, or making some of the tried and tested recipes of my Aayi.
I am an Indian and we speak Konkani at home. I grew up in Bangalore city, one among 4 sisters. I now live in US, have two kids and an adoring husband. I have always been a believer in cooking should be quick thing, not a whole day affair. Indian cooking mostly involves lot of time prepping and cooking. Between two kids, hubby, job and occasional blogging, I squeeze in time for cooking. So I sometime take shortcuts and sometimes not so much. I try to come up with easy quick recipes that can be done in jiffy.
We do enjoy eating in restaurant sometimes, but we do tend to get bored easily of any joint. So we always hunt for new cuisines, though not very adventurous, we do try out variety of food. But at heart we all love eating at home. Kids love homemade food, so I am always looking for something different to offer them.

My Mom or Aayi as I call her, is a great cook. Her Konkani dishes are so delicious that I always thought no one else could replicate what she would do. Aayi grew up in coastal Karnataka, so she would mostly prepare Konkani dishes. When I was 2 they had moved to Bangalore. Growing up I have realized there were changes in her cooking, since she started trying Kannadiga dishes. The more she got exposed to Cooking shows/ recipes she would change them up to create a new dish. She still cooks many authentic Konkani dishes. Usually my demands are about food with her. She always would call me to taste any dish, coz I would correctly tell her if salt/ sour/ spice is less.
Pappa (my dad) occasionally ventured into kitchen to create some lip smacking snacks. Usually something that would involve frying. But we would usually try and avoid that scenario; coz kitchen would pile up with dishes to wash. 
My sisters are all are good at cooking. Eldest Vidya is like a machine when she enters kitchen. She’s so quick in cooking that before you know it, she will be out of the kitchen finished up with yummy vegetables and heaps of chapatis!! My second sister Sandhya works her magic on all non-vegetarian dishes. Not that her vegetarian isn’t good. But her fish and chicken curries are to die for! She is very adventurous with variety of Indian dishes. My younger sister Vandana is more like me. Trying out new stuff, new cuisine, that could be probably coz we both have been out of the country more. But Vandu is well versed in Kannada cuisine. She has lot of more patience to do everything ground up. Let me see if I can get all of them to blog along with me.

My cooking is usually quick and I ALWAYS tend to do variations in a recipe. Some of the dishes that I eat at a restaurant or at friend's place, I guess what could be in it and try them. I am not a great photographer, but hopefully I can put up some pictures to go along with the recipes that I will be posting. And since many of them are spontaneous cooking, I usually don’t have names, though hubby dear loves to give fancy name to each one of them.
From my experience in kitchen, all I can say is don’t be afraid to try something. Don’t stress yourself on creating something magical, start with simple and see the magic happen! So hop along for my adventurous journey in culinary skills.


  1. hey Sumedha..good to know you...wud love to try the authentic Konkani dishes:)

  2. I am crazy about konkani food. Born and raised in mumbai, we would often visit konkani restaurants to eat mutton masala and wada. Cannotwaittotry some of your recipes and than you for visiting my blog.

  3. nice to know abt u:)

  4. The kids here also love green smoothie, Summee. Green smoothie also decreases cravings (because your body gets more of the nutrients it needs), so it's advisable for people who are on a diet. :)

  5. Hey Sumee.. Love your blog and as per me you are a very inspiring blogger. So heres the same award for you. Do collect it from .. http://www.tadkamasala.com/my-first-award/

  6. Congratulations! You've been featured for this awesome recipe on The Yuck Stops Here! Come on over to pick up your "I've Been Featured" button! HUGS


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