Blogs and Inspirations

I started blogging in 2008. I was always vocal about things. Well, in this fast paced world there aren't many times you get to sit and chat about "stuff". So I started blogging, to speak what's in my mind, talk about me, my life, about people in my life and about the world around me. So this is very much Me :o)

My another craze is photography. I do take lots of pictures. Though for security reasons I have held back on people photographs, I have started a photoblog along with this cooking blog. Photos are like mirror to the past. When I look at them, I remember the location, situation and the feel during those clicks.. So here's my photoblog.

Then there are lots of websites that inspire me. Here is some of them nothing in particular order.
Ellie Krieger - I am big fan of ever since I watched her on Food network. The only cookbook I have bought till now is her's.
Sanjeev Kapoor - Which Indian wasn't fascinated with colorful things this guy would do on camera!
VahreVah - The quirky name got my attention. Though haven't browsed much, I do recommend this site to many friends who ask for directions.
I am getting to know lot of fellow bloggers in recent times. I will be updating my list soon. Also look at my Follow list.
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