Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Vermicelli Kheer/ Sevai Payas/ Vermicelli Pudding

Kheer is one of the basic sweet that many household in India do. This is one of quickest dessert to prepare. Even here in US I have seen most of the Indian restaurants have either Rice Kheer or Vermicelli Kheer on their buffet menu. This is my mom's recipe that I prepared for Durgashtami. This can be served hot or chilled.

Prep Time : 10 min | Cooking Time : 15 min | Serves : 4

Ghee - 1 tbsp.
Vermicelli Noodles - 1/2 Cup
2% Milk - 2 1/2 Cups *
Sugar - 1/2 Cup
Safron - Few strands
Raisins and Cashews - 1/4 Cup

Method of Preparation:
~ Heat ghee in a sauce pan, fry raisins and cashews until cashews turn slight brown and raisins plump up (1 minute)
~ Fish them out onto a small plate. Now in the same pan add noodles and fry them until they are golden brown (Note that you can use fried noodles to make it quicker.)
~ In another pan bring milk to first boil with saffron. Immediately add vermicelli and cook vermicelli while stirring. Make sure none of them stick together.
~ Once the milk comes to another boil, add sugar, mix it thoroughly and take it out of heat.
~ Serve it garnished with fried raisins and cashews

- Once cooked, the noodles fluff up and absorb the milk. I use 1:5 ratio which gives nice consistency. If you like it thicker you can lower the milk upto 1:3 ratio. If you like it thinner, increase milk to 1:6 ratio.

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