Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Navaratna Kurma - Favorite Bon Vivant of the month

Hi everyone!

Welcome to my first edition of Favorite Bon Vivant of the month series. As I had announced last month, I chose quite a few dishes I wanted to try. But in the end, I had to nail down to one. Since my hubby's birthday was coming up, I thought I will choose a little rich food. And so I chose this dish. Navaratna Kurma from Home Cook Food.

Now few things about Linsy, author of the blog "Real Home Cooked Food". She is a newbie to cooking blog, but she already has quite a collection of recipes. Her instructions are very easy to follow and got a nice flow in her writings. She has been constant participant in my Bon Vivant series. When I contacted her about trying out her recipe, we realized we both live in the same state. It was really good to connect with her. 

My trial with her recipe turned out really great. Hubby dear was pleased with it. I served it with parathas and peas pulav. Please visit Linsy to get the Recipe Here.  Thank you Linsy for sharing this wonderful dish.

Prep Time: 20 min | Cooking Time: 15 min | Serves: 6

Below are the minor changes I did to her recipe
~ I steamed the vegetables ahead of time, cutting down the cooking time at later stage.
~ I used canned tomato sauce (3 tbsp.) instead of puree. It gave nice bright color.
~ Skipped Cashew, Ghee and Cream.

Join us for more Bon Vivant here.

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  1. looks really good and you made it so healthy by eliminating all of the fattening stuff :)

  2. wow it looks so tempting... and so healthy!!! delicious!!!
    Ongoing Event - Mission - Breakfast

  3. Delicious and inviting kurma...

  4. Inviting kurma. Thx for linking.

    Event: New U - 2013

  5. Very inviting korma... Would be great for chapathis

  6. Tempting and mouthwatering navratan kurma.

    today's recipe:

  7. Belated wishes to you hubby .I am amazed no ghee, cashew and cream and still looks yum.

  8. looks delicious. I have always had a white gravy navratan korma which was in sweet gravy. Not a big fan of sweet curries so this ones is perfect for me. :)

  9. Delicious navatran kuruma Sumee. I love it.

  10. Thanks Sumedha for sweet words and hope dish loved by your family. with the help of you blog friends would love to reach where you guys are. Thanks once again.

  11. I love that... we always eat something spicy on Fridays and this is inspirational.


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