Friday, June 1, 2012

Bon Vivant #5 - Appetizers/ Starters

Hello everyone. Welcome to another addition of Bon Vivant Moments. This month we will indulge in the appetizers. They are the first dish you would serve at the meal. Appetizers start the tone for what's going to follow in the main course. So all this month of June we are honoring this humble starters.

Rules for the event :
~ Multiple entries are allowed. Usage of the logo is a must.
~ Linking back to this announcement page is mandatory to get the word out.
~ Vegetarian and non-vegetarian recipes are allowed. No pork or beef ingredients please.
~ Blog post should be in month of June.
~ Two old posts are allowed, if re-posted again in June.
~ Please link up your post using the linkz below. In case of any problem linking please send me an email with your name, recipe name, recipe click and url to
~ Non-bloggers can email the recipe along with a picture of the dish to the above email address.


  1. Lovely event. Happy hosting Dear...

  2. Linked mine, will try to send in more

  3. this is June event but your rules state post should be in May???

    1. Thnx for pointing that out Chef Mireille. Post should be in June. :o)

  4. just linked up one and another one will do later in the week
    Ongoing Events:
    Pumpkin Dessert Recipes
    Taste of the Tropics - Plantain/Raw Banana

  5. Hi Sumee, I just submitted two of my recipes..Thanks for hosting! Following your blog too :)

  6. First time here.. came from Chef Mireille's blog.
    Will post my recipes soon..

  7. Hi, me too submitted two of my dishes...
    Happy hosting

  8. Hi, just now I submitted my recipe to your event. Please check and confirm it. Glad to be your follower. Happy hosting. Please do visit my space in your free time.

  9. Hi Sumee,

    Stumbled upon your blog & saw this event happening. Submitted two of my recipes. Happy hosting.

    Following you now. do drop by my space & follow if you like


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