Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Methi Paratha

Yesterday had bought some Fresh Methi or Fenugreek leaves from Indian store. I had to make chapatis for the night, so decided to make methi paratha’s instead of doing chapathi and methi ki subzi.:o)

Fenugreek leaves are very nutritious. Type 2 Diabetic people usually take the powder every day in the morning which studies have found to reduce their blood sugar level. They are good for balancing cholesterol, acid reflex, lactation for new mothers and minor stomach pains. My kitchen is always loaded with methi seeds/ powder/ dried kasoori methi to add to the dishes.

So let’s get started on these delicious paratha’s
Makes: About 30 to 35 | Prep Time: 20 min. | Cooking Time: 20 min. to 30 min.

·    Fenugreek / Methi leaves – 1 or 2 bunch (When chopped should be about 2 cups)
·    Whole wheat/ Multi Grain Flour – 3 cups
·    Whole Wheat flour – 1 cup of dusting and rolling the paratha’s
·    Chili Powder – 2 tsp.
·    Turmeric Powder – ½ tsp.
·    Jeera seeds – 1 tsp.
·    Ajwain / Carom seeds – 1 tsp.
·    Garlic – 2 cloves
·    Oil – 3 tbsp.
·    Salt to taste
·    Water – As required

Method of Preparation:

~ Trim and clean the leaves thoroughly. Drain the excess water and finely chop them. (Since I use food processor, I coarsely chop them, coz the food processor chops them finely for me.J )
~ Scrub the Jeera and Ajwain seeds on your palm to release the nice aroma. Mix all the ingredients together in food processor except water and dusting flour.

~ Switch on the processor and slowly add water from top. Once it all comes together, switch off and take out the beautiful green colored dough.

~ Make lemon size balls out of the dough. Roll them in the dusting flour kept separate.

~ Roll the paratha gently into a circle, making sure the thickness is same throughout.

~ Heat a non-stick pan. Put rolled out paratha on the pan and cook for ¼ of a minute. Then flip it over to cook on the other side. Cook on this side (about 1/2 minute) completely. Flip it over to continue to cook on the side that you put on first by gently pressing on the edges with paper towel or soft cloth or even the spatula.

~ Take out paratha in a hot case or on a paper towel lined plate. Cover it.

~ Continue the process to make all the parathas.
~ To serve, top it with a slice of butter or spoon of ghee. Serve with fresh yogurt and spicy pickles. They will just melt in your mouth!

-     I make the dough in food processor, so I start making the chapatis immediately. If you are mixing by hand, I would say, keep it covered for half an hour before you start.
-     Follow the cooking method for Paratha that I have described above. My eldest sister Vidya taught me that. This cooking by flipping only two sides always makes softest chapathi and parathas.
-     To save remaining chapati’s or paratha’s – Keep them covered and let it cool for some time. Then, wrap them first in a paper towel and then in a foil. Put it in the fridge. To thaw, take out the required amount of chapatis. Wrap two to four chapati’s in a paper towel and microwave for 30 seconds on medium high. If you not sure how high your microwave is, try only 15 to 20 seconds first. If you microwave the chapati’s for too long, it will become very hard like papad. :o)
-     I usually never put oil for Chapati’s, since I make chapati’s/ paratha’s ahead of time and save it.

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  1. Soft and healthy parathas, the puffed up one looks super delicious.

  2. healthy and yummy parnathas. My fav breakfast...

  3. very nicely prepared :) thanks for your entry.... Happily following you

  4. This is my fav with some boondi raita ~ nice pics!

  5. Methi parathas look delicious...nice pics..


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