Monday, June 11, 2012

Orange Fruit Dip

Here is one of the recipes that I learnt from a girl who had got this orange fruit dip for a party at my son's Tae Kwando class.  It's very common for fruits to be served with a dip as a starter around here. I hardly taste these dips that go along with the fruit trays. Why ruin a perfectly sweet fruit right?

At this particular party he came over to ask if I tried this dip and boy it was amanzing. I couldn't guess what was in it. Then I walked over to the girl who got it and asked her for the recipe. She gladly shared it. I made this for my party at home and it was an instant hit. Fruit dip was gone before the fruits. :o)

Here is a party stopper recipe for you.

Prep Time: 5 min| Makes: About 3 cups


Marshmallow Creme - 7 oz
Whipped Cream cheese - 8 oz tub
Orange zest - of 1 orange.
Orange juice – 2 tbsp.

Method of Preparation:

~ Mix Marshmallow Creme and cream cheese together.
~ Add orange juice and it's zest to the mix.
~ Serve it along side of fruit tray. Goes best with Strawberries. Sending this to my event Bon Vivant #5 - Starters/ Appetizers


  1. Very healthy and yummy dip.

  2. Yummy dip...First time into your have a beautiful collection...
    Happy to follow you...

    Please do visit mine whenever time permits

  3. Delicious di..Its my first visit to ur lovely blog.
    Please do visit mine & join me at ur free time.. :)

  4. Yummy dip, like the orange flavor..

  5. Lovely dip....marshmallow cream is new to me....


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