Sunday, October 2, 2011

Neer Dosa / Pan Pole/ Udka Pole’

On this lazy Sunday morning I wanted to make something special for breakfast. Had gotten up early and kids were still in bed. So it’s good time to get something ready. Otherwise they usually end up asking for a pop tart or cereal if I am still in the process. Dosa is everyone’s favorite at our home. Be it for breakfast, lunch or dinner, everyone eats till hearts content. So quickly I soaked some rice to make Neer dosa. This is one of my favorite kind of dosa after masala dosa. [Coz masala dosa contains potatoes masala. J!!!]. Anyway coming back to dosa, my kids love to eat it with molasses and lasan chutney, which are usually there in my pantry, so no extra work needed. Below is a quick rundown on the recipe, enjoy it with a cup of tea.
Serves: 4 | Prep Time: 10 min. | Makes about 18 to 20

·         Long grain rice or Dosa rice – 1½ cup
·         Grated Coconut – 2 tsp. (optional)
·         Water
·         Salt to taste
·         Oil for greasing

Method of Preparation:
Wash and soak rice for half an hour. Grind it fine along with coconut, adding water as required.

Take out the dosa batter in a bowl. Wash the grinder with water and pour the water into the batter. Adjust the water as required, but the consistency should be watery (not thick as you would do for normal dosa). Add salt to taste. 

Heat the pan and apply oil (I usually use non-stick, so I don’t use any oil to begin with). Using a round serving spoon, pour the dosa batter on the hot pan and quickly move around the pan so the extra batter runs to the sides.

Drizzle some oil to the sides. Cover and cook for about half a minute. Carefully fold the half side of the dosa, and then fold again to make it a quarter of a circle.

Serve it hot with molasses, lasan/ garlic chutney or green chutney. During lunch time this goes well with Koli saaru, or chicken curry. I forgot to take picutres later with chicken curry that we had, they were gone too quick. :o)

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  1. that's a nice crispy need to ferment the batter..

  2. Very lovely recipe for a quick breakfast..healthy too!!

  3. Nice recipe for a quick and healthy breakfast...Do check my give away at

  4. This look special and nice! thanks for stopping by, gloria

  5. lovely dosa, i used to have these when I was in Blore...nice recipe dear..

  6. Love how soft n light they look :)

  7. nice recipe using rice....nice blog too...

  8. lovely dosa... I been wanting to make this fora long time ..:) I am actually drooling at the recipe pic.. Thanks for sending it to the event dear..

  9. Nice crispy neer dosa, a really quick breakfast idea. Dosas are a favourite at my place too and neer dosa figures in the dinner menu with a chicken ghassi.

  10. Delicious looking dosa. You have a nice space and stop by in mine when time permits

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  12. Looks so soft and yumm! Thank you for linking with Any One Can Cook :)

  13. Perfect and soft dosas.

  14. looks yummy plz visit my blog wenvr geting time


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