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Dosa/ Crispy pancakes/ Basic Dosa batter

Dosa or Polo as we call it in Konkani was my last favorite while growing up. I used to hate because if mom would pack it for my lunch box, it would be cold and I didn't like it a bit. I would be grumpy and complain all the time to mom if she ever pleaded to me to take Dosa for lunch box. Now that I think back, I feel bad for her. Really, mom's have such thankless job. I don't think we realize how much they do until we get married and have our own family to feed.

But then there were our Sunday special breakfast that mom used to make. They were Masala Dosa days! Potato being my favorite, I would be ready to help her out to make the filling right away. Then we would sit one after another to eat literally hot off the skillet. Ummmmm.. those were the days!. So as you can see I always had love hate relationship with this incredible, versatile breakfast item. 

And now it turns out Dosa is one of the favorites in my household (Thank God it's a favorite, since it's my savior!!!) I used to struggle with US made blenders (Coz duh they are not made for Indian cooking!) to make dosa and idli batter. Then I bought the little grinder to fit in. Now I have perfectly fermented batter for all our South Indian delicacy that can be done using this simple batter. Without much ado, am getting to share the recipe with you now. 

Prep Time: 4 to 6 hours (to soak) | Cooking Time: 2 min (for each Dosa) | Serves: 6 to 8 people


Long grain Rice/ Ponni Rice - 2 cups
Urad Dal/ Black Gram Lentil - 1/2 cup
(If using a normal blender, it's better to have 3:1 proportion. I use Grinder, so 4:1 proportion)
Methi/ Fenugreek Seeds - 1 tsp.(optional)

For making Dosa -

Salt - 1/2 tsp
Oil - 1/4 tsp per dosa.

THE Batter :o)

Method of Preparation:

~ Wash and rinse rice in one container and Urad dal and Methi seeds in another. Keep it soaked overnight or atleast for 4 to 6 hours.
~ Throw away this soaked water when you are ready to grind.
~ Now grind the urad dal using water until a smooth paste is formed.
~ Do the same with rice.
~ Mix both the batter and keep it in warm place for fermenting (about 4 hours).
~ If not making dosa immediately, put it in the refrigerator covered tightly, so further fermentation can be stopped.
~ To make dosa, add salt to the batter and mix well.
~ Heat a skillet and add a little oil, if using non-stick you can skip this step.
~ Using a ladle, spoon out the batter onto the skillet and quickly moving hand in circular motion spread the batter to shape it round.
~ Sprinkle some oil at the edges.
~ Let it cook on one side until crisp.
~ To get a softer dosa, flip it over and cook for a few seconds. We like it crispy, so I just do one side until it's evenly cooked. 
~ Enjoy it with lassan chutney/ Green chutney and Sambar.

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  1. All time favourite dosh, perfectly made dear.

    Today's recipe:

  2. Dosa is perfect, thanks for sharing recipe with us.

  3. yum yum yummmmmmmmmmmmmy and my favourite snack too.

  4. wonderful post for beginners.... dosa looks crisp..
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    Let's Party - Prasadam Special

  5. I agree. Even I realized how much trouble my mom had to go through because of my fussy nature only after I got married and had to handle everything in the kitchen on my own. Not to mention an even more fussy husband!

  6. Super post and nice crispy dosa !!!!!


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