Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Banana Apple Breakfast Smoothie

I love munching on apple and even my kids. For ages I had never added any apples to my smoothies. And then one of those days when you run out of fruits and veggies to put in your smoothie and you look around.... yeah, that particular moment apples called my name. I said why not, just skip eating it today.. I never use sugar in my smoothies. Boy, I was glad that day, since I realized how sweet they are.. It was actually too sweet for me. But now it's become my sweet tooth fixer. :o) Here is how I do it, but you can make so many variations to it. I keep the skin on apples, since most of the fibers are out in the skin. Just rinse thoroughly to remove the wax on outer layer and you are good to go.

Prep Time: 5 min. | Makes : 8 oz.


Banana - 1 (peeled)
Apple - 1 small (I usually use Gala apples)
Baby Carrots (optional) - 3
Instant Oatmeal - 1/2 Cup
Cold Almond/ Soy/ 2% Milk - 1/2 Cup
Cold Water - 1/2 Cup

Method of Preparation:

~ In a blender cup add water, milk and instant oatmeal.
~ Cut apple into four pieces and remove the seeds.
~ Add apple chunks, carrots and banana to the blender and mix until smooth. 
~ Enjoy the smoothie as it brightens up your day! :o)

Note: For kids, you can skip or add little oatmeal and add a scoop of vanilla ice-cream.

Sending this delicious dessert to my event Bon Vivant #14 - Spring Surprises


  1. yup Icecream is a good idea, I add bourvita too for chocolate flavor.

  2. delicious refreshing combo smoothie.

  3. real healthy breakfast idea

  4. Very healthy and flavorful smoothie

  5. I could almost have a sip of this lovely smoothie.

  6. great drink presented very well..Sumee. ..and..plz feel free to drop by my "pick quicks" blog too..when u get the time. :)

  7. Delicious healthy smoothie Sumee.

  8. Perfect for breakfast and refreshing smoothie Sumee :-)


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